èèɫ is an AS91000 registered company and has some unique requirements. In order to better support our supplier’s understanding of those requirements we have provided the following documents and required processes for guidance to our suppliers:

QMS-0003 Standards (Multiple) - Counterbores, Countersi nks, Metric Counterbores, Bolt Torque Tables
QCL-0011 Steel Hardness Conversion Table – Convert between various hardness scales using this table.
QMS-0004 Heat Treat

Inspection report requirements for all orders coming into èèɫ:

  • All orders shall be inspected
  • Inspections results shall be provided to èèɫ
  • Results provided shall include the required measure and the actual measurement
  • It is acceptable to provide a copy of the part drawings with actual measures recorded next to the dimensions on the drawings
  • For large quantities a sampling plan can be used in accordance with ASQ Z1.4-1993 for level II, AQL 4.0

Supplier Corrective Action Form

Suppliers may use this form to document corrective actions taken if the supplier does not have a form for their internal use.

Supplier Corrective Action Form

Supplier Inspection Acceptance Program

èèɫ has developed a program to accept supplier inspection of manufactured parts. Suppliers participating in this program are preferred when making purchase decisions. The program requires a simple inexpensive documentation format and a small number of documents. Documents can be submitted either by email to or on paper at delivery. This program is by invitation, but requests to be considered may be sent to the above email address. The links below are to documents which explain the program, templates for required documents and samples of some document formats.


Supplier Inspection Acceptance Certification - Overview of the program and basis of the agreement between èèɫ and a supplier (pdf)
Inspection Documentation - A list of required documentation and how and when documents are required (pdf)


A template for the recording of inspection and contact with the project engineer

Printable Inspection Record Form (pdf)
Excel Spreadsheet Inspection Record (xlsx)
Supplier Inspection Checklist (xlsx) - This checklist is designed for use by the suppliers inspector
Printable Supplier Inspection Checklist (pdf) - This checklist is designed for use by the suppliers inspector

Sample Documents

Sample documents for the inspection process

Marked Up Drawing - Sample of a marked up inspection drawing (pdf)
Inspection Record - Sample of a completed inspection record including communication with project engineer (pdf)
CMM Report - Sample CMM report showing image of part which links measurements to features (pdf)