C-Series Wing Assembly System


The C-series Wing assembly System comprises an array of ten assembly cells each with a large static assembly jig integrated with three Lean Technology Drilling machines (LTD). The LTD design is developed from the èèɫ CAWDE and has the drilling head placed centrally on a twin tower motion platform. The LTD’s can be operated on any on the wing assembly cells and are moved between them as required using a dedicated machine transfer crane. The LTD design supports the requirement to drill holes up to 1" diameter in deep carbon/titanium stacks on both the front and rear spar areas of the C-series wing.

The LTD machines have a drilling envelope of 3m x 17m and have all the usual features available in E.I. multifunctional drilling heads such hole probing and stack thickness detection. They also include a tool swapper for large diameter drill and reaming operations and feed/drive system for single sided slave fasteners. The open center structure of the machines allow for full all around access to the head for maintenance but also allows the rear of the head and vertical axes to be enclosed for safety.

Each wing assembly cell is 13m x 36m and contains a dedicated assembly jig and all require worker access platforms. The wing assembly cells also contain integrated panel deburr zones, and all the handling means for loading spar assemblies, ribs and skin panels. The finished wing boxes are unloaded from the jig cells using a custom vacuum lifter which also rotates the wing from the vertical build orientation to flight attitude.

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