EI has laser trackers, vector bars, XL-80 line lasers and other equipment from API, FARO, Hexagon Metrology, Leica, and others.

Metrology Equipment

èèɫ has over 35 laser trackers available for rent as well as a wide variety of other large scale 3D metrology equipment for rent or purchase. This includes laser tracker stands, nests, SMRs, Super CatEyes, digital-optical levels, line lasers and more. Call us and let us help you find the equipment you are looking for!

Available Trackers

Laser trackers are provided with a laptop for use during the rental period

  • Hexagon Metrology/Leica AT930
  • Hexagon Metrology/Leica ATS600 Scanning laser tracker
  • Hexagon Metrology/Leica AT401/AT402
  • Hexagon Metrology/Leica AT901
  • FARO Vantage
  • FARO Ion
  • FARO Xi
  • API Omni2
  • API R-50 Radian

Other equipment

  • Leica B-probe
  • Renishaw XL-80 Line laser
  • DNA03 Digital Optical Level
  • NA3003 Digital Optical Level
  • Hamar L-743 Triple Scan Planar laser
  • Stands (short, regular height and tall available)
  • Stand extension tubes (variety of lengths available)
DNA03 Digital Optical level provides extreme accuracy for leveling operations.

Ancillary equipment

  • SMR nests in .5”, .75” and 1.5” sizes (call for availability of a particular size and type)
  • SMR nests and FRS monuments

Nests for purchase

FRS (Foundation Reference System) monuments have been out on the market for many years and we’ve probably tried or looked at just about every brand. We have been developing ours for decades and gradually evolved to our favored configurations. We have detailed installation instructions and make installation tools so that they are easy to install and so that you get it right every time. Our recommended method and epoxies avoid much of the installation work associated with our older designs and also cure very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about a customer kicking a nest before it is cured. These nests are:

  • Easy to install
  • Installed with lid flush to floor
  • Cause the SMR center to clear the floor by a good margin, allowing indefinite line of sight even to far away trackers
  • Available with a simple magnetic lid
  • Available with a 1/8th turn locking lid for customers concerned about FOD
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • 3 point (not line) contact to minimize effect of debris
  • Feature a powerful neodymium magnet
  • FRS nests in 1.5"
  • Drift nests in 1.5"
  • FRS nests in .875"
  • Drift nests in .875"

Why you should avoid monuments with dowel pin holes instead of 3 point contact

We have noticed that some of our customers are still using monuments with dowel pin holes in them instead of a 3 point nest. We strongly recommend against this practice! Why?

  • Some of these monuments are in “cup” configuration, meaning that debris falls to the bottom of the cup which you must try to wipe clear somehow. Did you get all the chips out? Hard to see. Hard to know if you were successful.
  • Dowel monuments mean you are now carrying around handfuls of nests to insert into the monuments.
  • When you insert a nest it can sometimes “piston” and lift up your nest slightly, giving you a bit of error.
  • Some of the cup monuments have inadequate clearance so you can’t get your fingers around your nest to pull it out…so you need a tool to pull your nest free. Time consuming.
  • Under the best circumstances you are adding a nest (with a tolerance) to a monument (with a tolerance). Eliminate one of those stacks by going to a 3-point nest design.

There are plenty of negatives for the dowel pin style monument…and we can’t think of a single upside. Don’t use them!

How many monuments do I need and how do I lay them out?

All other things being equal, we like to throw down a 10’ square grid. This is denser than you will generally need for most applications, but typically most points will not be visible from any given setup and you will be glad of a good selection of points.

We usually do LOS (line of sight) checks in CAD to critical tracker locations. Very often something gets added to the system after the fact blocking LOS to certain points, so we need to add another point or two later. Choosing a sensible naming scheme makes this easier (consult us for advice on this).

Metrology Software

  • Polyworks
  • Spatial Analyzer
  • Verisurf
  • Operation Commander (Task Execution Software)

Metrology services Contact: Sales@electroimpact.com 425-293-0767